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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

About the merger between AEBC Internet and GETUS Communications

AEBC and GETUS Communications Unite for Enhanced Connectivity

As part of our continuous commitment to providing outstanding internet service, we are thrilled to announce a groundbreaking partnership with GETUS Communications. This strategic alliance is poised to enhance your online experience, combining AEBC’s robust infrastructure with GETUS’s exceptional customer service.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is happening with AEBC and GETUS Communications?

AEBC Internet Corp has merged with GETUS Communications. This strategic union is designed to enhance our service offerings and improve customer support. Going forward, GETUS will handle all sales, billing, and support functions.

The merger allows us to leverage GETUS’ expertise in customer service to provide you with enhanced support and more efficient service. This partnership is built on a foundation of shared values and a commitment to delivering excellent internet services.

All support services will now be managed by GETUS’, providing you with 24/7 support. This includes faster response times and more efficient resolution of any issues you might encounter.

Your billing process will be seamlessly transitioned to GETUS’. This change will simplify how you manage your account and make payments, with new payment options available at major Canadian banks and via PayPal.

Yes, as part of the merger, you will have access to an extended suite of products and services offered by GETUS, including home mesh wifi, business services, and mobile regional and international SIM and eSIM data solutions.

No, there will be no interruptions to your service. AEBC will continue to focus on being a TV and network operator, ensuring the stability and performance of your phone, TV, and internet services.

Please contact our customer support team at or call us at 1 (800) 396 1023 for any inquiries or concerns you may have regarding the merger or your services.

Your account will be transferred to GETUS, where it will be managed under the same terms and conditions unless notified otherwise. You should not experience any disruption in your services or changes in your plan without prior notification.

There are no immediate plans to change the pricing of your current plans as a result of the merger. Any potential future changes will be communicated well in advance.

As our valued customer, you will continue to enjoy the reliable internet service you have always had with AEBC, now enhanced by GETUS Communications’ exceptional customer service. This partnership is designed to bring together the best of both companies – superior network infrastructure and top-tier customer support.

There will be no immediate changes to your current plans, rates, or the quality of services you receive. Any future enhancements or changes will be communicated well in advance and are made with the aim of providing additional value to your service.

All billing inquiries will be seamlessly handled by GETUS Communications’ customer service team. Their expertise in customer support will ensure that your billing questions are answered promptly and accurately.

For any service-related issues, you can contact GETUS Communications’ customer support, who will be fully equipped to assist you with any concerns or technical needs.

Absolutely. AEBC will continue to operate and maintain the network infrastructure, ensuring that you receive dependable and high-speed internet service.

We are working together to roll out a variety of improvements, including expanded coverage areas, enhanced network technology, and new innovative solutions to provide you with an even better internet experience.

There is no action required from you at this time. Continue to enjoy your AEBC internet service as usual. Should there be any changes that require your attention, we will provide detailed instructions on any necessary steps.

For more information, please visit our detailed partnership information page, or contact GETUS Communications’ customer support or 1 (800) 396 1023. We will also keep you updated via email and our website with any new information as the partnership progresses.

Protecting your personal information and data privacy is a top priority for both AEBC and GETUS Communications. The partnership will not affect the privacy and security of your data, and we will continue to uphold strict data protection standards.